You have chosen one of the most beautiful and most famous wine-district of the Great Hungarian Plain as tha place of your relaxation

These surroundings liberate people starving for relaxing from the nasty air and noise of the city but demanding persons do not have to spare their home-comfort either. You can really relax and fill up under this kind of conditions in an ambience totally out of the ordinary.We offer 5 air-conditioned and heated, nicely furnished double room with bathroom for partner-meetings of fellowships and business negotiations. Nicely harmonizing furnished livingroom, lounge and breakfast-room, dining room for 40 persons, bar, sauna, Jacuzzi, gymnasium and a great wine-cellar also belong to the house.

Cold buffet can be demanded for breakfast, lunch and supper are served in the neighbouring Vándortanya Restaurant.

We are inviting our guestsfor wine-tasting at place and for preparation of Hungariandishes grilled and baked in an oven or cooked open-air in a traditional Hungarian kettle:bogrács.

People starving for relaxation can choose among fishing, boating,bicycling and riding tour possibilites. There is an animal-stroking possibility for children.