Unusual association and unusual expression must appear to you when we are mentioning luxury in rural surroundings. our aim was to put luxury into a near-nature primordial ambience of the river Tisza where convenience and villager romanticism can be found harmonizing with each other.

These surroundings liberate people starving for relaxing from the nasty air noise of the city but demanding persons do not have to spare their home-comfort either. You can really relax and fill up under this kind of conditions in an ambience totally out of the ordinary

The familiar ambience makes this place suitable for careless relaxation and recreation of families, unforgettable entertainment and gettogethers of fellowships and taking business negotiationa and firm trainings.

AThe exclusivity of the house and its surroundings makes possible to organise American-style weddings as well.

The regionof Csongrad is one of the most beautiful and most famous wine-district of the Great Hungarian Plain. It is a romantic nature reservation of the juncture of the rivers Tisza and Körös at the same time. From the manor-house you can have an overlook for the lines of grapehedges on one side and for a Tisza dead-channel of scenic baeuty bordering the meadow on the other side..

The manor-house was built in this delightful ambience on the bank of a 21-hectare nature reservation and water paradise. It is waiting for the nature enthusiast preferring serenity instead of mass-tourism with high comfort and many services

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